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Horace Williams: Get Empowrd App

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

A nonpartisan civic awareness and advocacy hub.

Civic engagement improves our communities. Whether it’s working to get out the vote, campaigning for officials you believe in or volunteering with advocacy groups -- being engaged in your community helps to affect real change.

With the Get Empowrd app it’s never been easier to make a difference right in your own neighborhood! This app places democracy right at your fingertips by giving you access to local officials and news.

In this episode, we sit down to talk with Horace Williams, founder and CEO of Empowrd, to hear how he hopes the app will inspire change in local communities across the country.

Empowrd’s goal is to inspire civic engagement beyond elections by giving you access to local officials, engagement events and community groups. An update of the app is launching October 23 -- head to the iOS App store or Android App store to download and get involved today.


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