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Lawrence Johnson & Andrew Fincham: Helix Cleaning Services

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Integrity. Accountability. Transparency. Dedication.

Integrity. Accountability. Transparency. Dedication. These are the core values guiding our guests this week. Lawrence Johnson, founder and owner of Helix Cleaning Services, is a veteran of the war in Afghanistan and served in the United States Army for nearly 7 years. The values instilled in him through his service are present in his work and entrepreneurship today.

We sit down with Lawrence and manager of Helix, Andrew Fincham, to discuss the triumphs and challenges they have faced this year, how they plan to continue supporting the Atlanta veterans community and plans to move Helix forward.

To book an appointment with Helix, head over to Find the team on social media @helixcleaningservicesllc.



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