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Dr. Key Hallmon: The Village Market ATL

"Support is a Verb"

The sad truth is, that in today's economy Black-owned businesses have a shorter lifespan and make far less money than comparable white-owned businesses that provide the exact same service. Our guest today is doing everything in her power to change that!

A few weeks back we jumped on a Zoom call to chat with Dr. Key Hallmon, founder and CEO of The Village Market. The Village Market team has coined the phrase, “Support is a verb.” Through various educational and community events, Dr. Key is on a mission to empower Black entrepreneurs and unite her community.

Amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, so many small businesses have had to pivot their business plan and The Village Market is no different. To stay up to date and find out how you can get involved, head to or follow @thevillagemarketatl on social media!


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