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Candace Mitchell: Myavana Hair Care

Using a combination of technology and science to help women to healthier hair.

A constant theme with so many of the guests on this show, is that their businesses have been born out of a need within their communities. Who better to find a solution to a need or problem than those directly dealing with the issue themselves? Our guest this week is no different. 

Candace Mitchell is the co-founder and CEO of Myavana, an app that combines technology and science to help women through their hair journey. Today we talk with Candace about how she is leading a startup revolution and how her education at Georgia Tech encouraged her to get here.

Candace and her team at Myavana are using a combination of artificial intelligence and hair experts to guide women to healthier hair. To give the app a try head to and make sure you follow them on social media @myavanahaircare.


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