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Caleb Morris: Welcome to the Neighborhoods

Using illustration to bring out Atlanta neighborhood pride

There is something pure, innocent, and even childlike about sitting down with paper and a pencil, and beginning to sketch the images in your head. It’s something thousands in our city do to as a hobby or a form of escapism. But using just a pencil and a paper as his tools of the trade, Illustrator Caleb Morris has built a thriving brand that’s spreading across the country.

Welcome to the Neighborhoods is a series of illustrations Caleb began right here in Atlanta a few years ago, but the demand has reached all four corners of the U-S, and has transformed Caleb from an illustrator to a business owner, with a number of roles in between.

To stay up to date with Caleb’s latest work, follow him @heycalebmorris on instagram. And to snag your own copy of one of his famous neighborhood prints head to


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