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Adam Rosenfelt: Pullman Yards

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

From the Industrial Revolution to the Digital Revolution.

In this episode we’re heading to Pullman Yards, an enchanting piece of Atlanta’s history. We sat down with the current owner, Adam Rosenfelt, who shared insight into the site’s history — including the remarkable history of the Pullman Porters and their significant role in the civil rights movement — and the ambitious revitalization efforts that aim to transform this historic gem into a vibrant, mixed-use community.

Listen as we talk with Adam about the industrial architecture that has withstood the test of time and what they have in store for the third act of this site.

Head on down to the Pratt-Pullman District and enjoy their many exhibitions and family fun activities. Be sure to share with us if you check out Dailies and Sides, AlcoHall, or play a game of pickleball! For more information head to their website

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The Pullman Yards “development” is an abomination. I know I speak for the entire Kirkwood community in saying I hope he sells and moves back to LA sooner than later.

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