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Nate Hybl: gusto! Fresh Wraps and Bowls

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

What's Your Gusto!

Nate Hybl, is an ex-NFL quarterback-turned CEO of gusto!, a quick serve, fresh bowls and wraps brand with 13 restaurants in the Atlanta area and counting.

After hanging up his helmet, Nate started on a mission to find his new gusto and quickly became enamored with food, going through a “culinary awakening”. He eventually perfected his own concept that combined grains and greens, grilled chicken flavored a million ways, sauce and whole ingredients.

Listen in as we chat with Nate about his transition from professional athlete to business owner, how gusto! hopes to continue to disrupt the quick-service food industry and what the next few years hold for the restaurant.

Head to to find a location near you!


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