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Tim O'Mara: Bearings Bike Works

Skills = Opportunities.

Bearings Bike Works’ story began in 2008, with neighbors helping neighbors in the Southwest Atlanta neighborhood of Adair Park.

When Tim and Becky O’Mara moved to the neighborhood, they’d walk their dogs and stop to chat with the kids that played in the park. Slowly, they got to know each other and one day an opportunity presented itself to help a young girl earn money for new tires for her worn out bike. After a few weeks of helping out with chores, she had earned enough for her new tires. Tim and Becky surprised her with a new bike.

Word got around and a few other kids in the neighborhood hoped to make the same deal and from there Bearings Bike Works was born. It’s evolved today into a community hub, where kids are encouraged and have the opportunity to learn and develop new skills.

For more information about how you can help Bearings Bike Works and their students visit


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