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Steven Carse: King of Pops

Delivering UMOHs to Atlanta for a decade

We are back this week to kick off season four! And what better way to start the season than sitting down to chat with one of the men behind the rainbow umbrella? Today, we’re sitting down with Steven Carse, founder of Atlanta favorite King of Pops.

After being laid off from his corporate finance job back in 2009, Steven took a leap of faith and -- inspired by frozen treats he had tasted on his travels through Central America -- started King of Pops. A few months later, his brother Nick joined the team. 10 years on, the pair are still working every day to create UMoHs (Unexpected Moments of Happiness) for the community.

To keep up to date on all the latest UMoHs, follow @kingofpops on Instagram or for more information check out


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