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Jesslyn Rollins: Biolyte

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

The IV in a bottle.

Biolyte was created by Dr. Rollins, an Anesthesiologist and Pain Specialist in Atlanta, GA. In 2005, Dr. Rollins’ wife, Jeannine, was diagnosed with breast cancer. During her treatment, he began to realize that IV hydration therapy, while extremely effective, is often inaccessible and too expensive to those who need it most – and more accessible options like sports drinks are not as effective for severe dehydration.

Dr. Rollins set out to create a product that would “bring the IV bag home”. It was from this need that Biolyte was born. Today we sit down with Jesslyn Rollins, CEO of Biolyte, to hear how their company has grown and is helping everyone from athletes to flu patients to new mothers.

For more information about the product or to find local retailers that carry Biolyte head to


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