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Jeff Delp: FCS Ministries and Carver Neighborhood Market

Fresh. Local. Affordable. Serving the neighborhood community of South Atlanta.

In an urban area, a food desert is defined as a community located more than one mile from a reliable source of fresh produce. There was a time when the community of South Atlanta was home to many neighborhood grocery stores. Sadly those local stores have been pushed out and replaced with large supermarkets, located miles away.


This week we’re talking with Jeff Delp, Director of Economic Development for FCS Ministries. FCS is the team behind Carver Neighborhood Market, one of the only neighborhood groceries stores in South Atlanta. We sit down to talk about how they are hoping to bring food justice to the South Atlanta community through access to fresh produce and other healthy foods.

Jeff and the team at Carver Market want to provide access to fresh and healthy foods without changing the South Atlanta community. To find more information about the work they’re doing head to


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