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Jambos Donates: Rebekah Black

We bring comfort.

Almost exactly two years ago, we sat down with Rebekah Black, founder of the non-profit Jambos Donates. Jambos’ mission is to bring a sense of comfort through providing essential items to children in foster care, like pajamas.

Since our initial conversation Rebekah has grown her team, upgraded their warehouse and expanded their distribution efforts. Today, we’re bringing you an updated conversation about the progress Jambos has made thanks to the support of those in the Atlanta community and how you can get involved and help them continue to grow.

For more information on how to get involved with this awesome cause head to There are hundreds of volunteer opportunities at their warehouse located in Buford, GA – bring your friends, colleagues and even the kiddos! And be sure to follow Rebekah and the Jambos team on Instagram @jambosdonates.


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