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Drew McBath: Banner Butter

Small-batch cultured butter made in ATL

One of the best parts about doing this show is that we get to learn something new with each guest we bring on. Today’s guest gave us a chance to learn a different side of the food industry, the ~butter~ side you could say.

On a trip to France, Drew and Elizabeth McBath became enamored with the small French creameries and how they were selling their butter. The butter was all locally sourced and made, churned right on the very farm the cream came from in many cases. 

Inspired by the French, upon returning home the two decided to take the plunge and start churning out their own small batches of slow-cultured butter. In the United States, most of the butter we eat has natural flavorings added to it and there are only a small amount of suppliers.

The team at Banner Butter is on a mission to change that, one batch at a time. 

You can find Banner Butter throughout the southeast and Texas in your local Whole Foods, Earth Fare and Central Markets. Don’t have one of those shops around? Have no fear, you can also order online at


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