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Ben Bailey & Chris Collin: Local Restaurant Group

Reviving a suburban downtown with a big city dining experience

If you get on I-85 in downtown, and drive about 30 miles to the northeast, you find your way to Gwinnett County. Known for years as a family-friendly suburb with good schools, great restaurants and bars were not exactly a part of that reputation. That narrative is beginning to change with the rise of the counties’ respective towns like Suwanee, Duluth, and Lawrenceville, among others. But what started this urban revolution in the suburbs? 

Today, we sit down with Ben Bailey and Chris Collin from Local Restaurant Group, based in Lawrenceville, the county seat in Gwinnett. Together, they saw an opportunity to take an in-town concept for a restaurant, and apply it to a small suburban downtown. What resulted, whether it was their doing or not, was a rebirth of downtown Lawrenceville, and an opportunity for them to try and duplicate the secret recipe.

Find Local Republic online at or @localrepublicga


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