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Alyssa Fagien: ATL Bucket List & Atlys Media

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Helping ATLiens build the ultimate bucket list

In 2019, there are no shortage of instagram influencers in our city. Five years ago, that wasn’t necessarily the case. Today we host Alyssa Fagien on the show. You may know her as the creator of the instagram account, ATL Bucket List. We talked with Alyssa about her journey from brand new Atlantan, to the go to instagram account for things to do in the city. And we also find out how she turned a fun side hustle into a thriving career helping others build their brand.

If you aren’t following @atlbucketlist on instagram, first off, don’t tell anyone, and secondly, go do that now. You can also see the great work Alyssa and her team are doing in social media at


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