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William Warren: The Sketch Effect

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Visual communication solutions.

Ever sit in a meeting and think “I have no idea what is going on?” or look back at your notes and feel like you’re trying to decipher a secret code? Well our guest today, has got you covered.

The Sketch Effect is s visual communications business, whose goal is to make ideas understandable with the help of graphic recorders. Sketch Effect’s team of artists will come to your virtual or in-person live events and help synthesize the content by drawing out the big ideas using engaging visuals, typography, color and design elements.

Listen in today as we chat with the founder and CEO of Sketch Effect, William Warren. He shares with us his journey from loving to sketch and doodle as a kid, to studying at SCAD here in Atlanta, and conceiving the idea that would eventually turn into The Sketch Effect!

We also dive into his brand new book, "The Conquering Creative" which is all about helping creative people overcome fear and build the creative business or career of their dreams.

Follow William and his team on social media @thesketcheffect and visit their website to book your very own Graphic Recording Artist!


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