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Rasheed Philips: Philips Barbeque Co.

On the path to Barbecue greatness!

Today, we meet another solo entrepreneur who is making bug waves with some huge flavors. Rasheed Philips is the owner of Philips Barbeque co. His journey to a culinary lifestyle has been anything but textbook however. Is started almost completely by accident, and a few short years later, Sheed is well on his way to making a major name for himself in Atlanta. 

So after we recorded this, I got the incredible opportunity to sample some freshly smoked Philips barbecue. Now, I am a self proclaimed BBQ efficianado, and I will tell you, this man is on to something. I truly believe that one day Philips BBQ will be a household name in Atlanta BBQ, and I for one can not wait top see it. 

But don’t take my word for it. You have got to try it for yourself. Follow @philipsbarbeque on instagram, and check out to book Rasheed for your next event, or find out where he will be delighting crowds in the very near future.


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