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Nedra Deadwhyler: Civil Bikes

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

This is the history we were never taught in school.

Often when we learn about history, whether it’s taking a stroll around a museum or watching a documentary, the learning process can be a one sided conversation. Our guest today is hoping to change that in Atlanta and facilitate a conversation between seekers of knowledge.

So much of Atlanta’s identity and history has been shaped by the Civil Rights movement, but how much do we really know about this crucial period of history? Today we’re sitting down with Nedra Deadwhyler, founder of Civil Bikes. The mission of Civil Bikes to bring attention to unseen and unheard stories about Atlanta. Listen on to find out more about what Nedra and her team are doing to connect the city through education.

Throughout history and even still today, Atlanta’s culture has been influenced by a spirit of justice and resistance. We hope that y’all are inspired to dive deeper into the history of this amazing, resilient city.

To find out more about Civil Bikes and the work they’re doing visit their website or find them on Instagram @civil_bikes.


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